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   Welcome to the Mountains from Lady Dragon Rider  

Lady Dragon Rider
Lady Motorcycle Rider
Motorcycle Riding Appalachian Mountains

Here in the Appalachian Mountains there are 8 roads we call Dragons, 6 roads called Snakes, and many other named routes. Tight winding back roads thru forests, winding rivers, long valleys, & steep terrain to get to the highest peaks. I ride to remote locations to capture free pictures and video for you, and there's more! 

Click on Dragon Rides to see Photos and Videos

(Click Here to get a free heavy duty map of all the MC routes on the East Coast)

421 The Snake
Motorcycle Blessing
Live to Ride

Dragon Riders ~ Build Fairy Houses

There's something I do, out riding......

I buy tiny fairy houses and hide them in parks all over the VA, TN, NC Appalachian mountain region for kids.

I hide about 200 fairy houses every spring in many parks in 3 states.
I post in local Facebook groups to let parents know where they can be found.
They kid's expect it every spring. They expect the fairies to have new houses from The Dragons every year.

The story goes like this.
The fairies are invisible beings in the forest that protect nature and all living creatures.
The Dragons build new houses for the fairies every spring.
The kids know the fairy houses get destroyed by floods and rock slides, and other kids who steal them.

When they find a fairy house, a label on the back instructs the kids to Make a Wish, Don't Take.
The parents are in on the story and the kids tell their parents what they wished for.
The kids are told there are invisible forces in nature that protect all living things. They are learning to protect the fairy houses. 

The message is:
The wish, or goals and dreams in life, are greater than having a "thing",
and to not take what isn't yours.

But every year, I have to replace the fairy houses.
Some keep taking them, and they wear out in the weather.
It's a never ending battle to build and hide new fairies houses!

The fairy houses with labels cost me $ 2.50 each. Plus, I have to pay for gas and bike maintenance too. 
My motorcycle boots also get worn out every year hiking rugged trails. I also maintain this website and pay to host the rides with donations to local law enforcement as our ride security.

I've been doing this for since 2019 and the fairy houses are very popular and in high demand !

And so, they call me Lady Dragon Rider
I ride The Dragons to protect the Fairies, who are protected by The Dragon Riders
I Ride The Dragons so Others Can Fly

I do this because the kids love it, and so do The Dragons. It gets them out in nature on a treasure quest and they learn to love nature. It encourages their imagination, to pursue their dreams, and to believe in what they cannot see or touch.

When kids find a fairy house, the labels tell them to put it back and take a pic.
The label on the back gives them a page on this website where they tell me their wish....and the Dragon Riders make it come true. 

100% of all profits from sales and donations goes to The Dragon Riders Charity

 Click on The Dragon's Chest to make a purchase or donation

Check out the Dragon Rider's Notebooks!

 Lady Dragon Rider NotebooksLady Dragon Rider Notebooks Lady Dragon Riders Notebooks

Lady Dragon Motorcycle Rider

But there's more !

Oh geez, yes - theres more !

When the kids tell me their wish, I suggest they set up a lemonade stand to help raise money for things. I tell them if they do it, their wish will come true. We ride a big region and the Tri-state area is outlined below. In almost every case when the kids respond, they see needs for their family or friends. Usually it's to help mom and dad with a new baby, food and clothes, school supplies, or bills. They sometimes also want to bless a friend who's having a hard time or less fortunate.

I ask them to let me know at least 2 weeks in advance when they are going to sell lemonade. I tell them I will help them make sales. I post in local groups to biker friends and I seek assistance from local Harley dealerships. The dealerships give us a place to meet and organize the day of the ride. They also help spread the word for their friends and customers to show up too.

This is a point A to point B ride. There's no registration or poker games or stops.
All I ask is that each rider bring  a $ 20 bill to buy a glass of lemonade. All rides are set up on the weekends.

When we roll up, the kids don't expect it, and they don't know whats about to hit them! I've learned to ask everyone to say they aren't that thirsty and only ask for half a cup of lemonade as the kids don't have enough to go around for 40 or 50 bikers. I also use funds collected here to help fund the ride, to anyone who doesn't have 20 bucks and donations to local law enforcement who provide an escort getting us through traffic and traffic lights. 

When we roll up to their surprise, we drop $ 500 to $ 1000 on them in 15 minutes.

Then we stand in a circle around them, tell them how great they're doing in life, and pray for them and their families. Then we clap and cheer for them. After that , everyone is free the rest of the day to ride out to wherever they want to ride. 

It doesn't just lift the spirits of the kids.
It lifts the spirits of those who took a little time to make a difference.

Reach Out to Lady Dragon Rider here if you want to set up a ride

The Tri-State area of NC, VA, & NC includes Mountain City, Hampton, Elizabethton, Johnson City, Bluff City, and Bristol TN and everything in between. Damascus, Abingdon, Chill Howie, and Marion VA. Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Roan Mtn, West Jefferson, and North Wilkesboro NC.